Peter Montminy, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Teacher



If you’re reading this, I know you’re a caring parent who’s dedicated to seeing that your child has the very best chance of succeeding in life.

I want that too.  See, I believe that we are all children of a loving God.   I believe that all children deserve happy hearts, healthy minds, and healing relationships.  And I believe any child can thrive when guided by conscious parents and teachers who appreciate the sacred gift entrusted to them.

And so, I’ve dedicated 20 years of professional service to improving the emotional well-being of children, adolescents, and families.  My mission is simple: to help children and adolescents, along with their parents and teachers, live more fulfilling lives – no matter what their personal difficulties or life challenges might be.

I’ll be glad to see if I can help your child.  And if not, let’s get you to where you can get the help you need – and your child deserves.

Very Best Wishes,

– Dr. Peter Montminy, Founding Director, MidStep

Problems and Solutions

Dr. Montminy works collaboratively with clients to find positive, practical solutions for childhood problems in these three areas:


  • stress and anxiety
  • anger management
  • defiance and disrespect
  • child temperament and parenting styles
  • communication and conflict resolution
  • strengthening family relationships


  • executive brain functions
  • attention problems
  • planning and organization
  • impulse control
  • emotional regulation
  • motivation


  • developmental transitions (preschool, middle school, college)
  • family transitions (adoption, divorce, death)
  • building resiliency

Programs and Services

Dr. Montminy is available, on a limited basis, for private evaluations and consultations at Midstep.

He is also available as a professional speaker for parent and teacher groups across the country.

And he’s developing a series of online parent coaching programs.

For more information about Dr. Montminy, visit his parenting blog at

Getting Started

To inquire about private consultations or public speaking engagements, call Dr. Montminy at 814.235.1100 x103.

Or contact our administrative assistant Alisha at 814.235.1100 x102.

Or email us at